Vignolis coopérative du Nyonsais


Created in 1923, the cooperative du Nyonsais today has a membership of more than 1100 growers. The Cooperative collects and processes grapes from 1400 hectares of vines of Cru VINSOBRES, COTES DU RHONE Villages, COTES DU RHONE, Vins de Pays des BARONNIES, and olives from 600 hectares of olive groves to produce olive oil and black Nyons AOC olives. The cooperative of Nyonsais is the leading producer of AOC Nyons olives and olive oils; It gathers the produce from around 110,000 olive groves out of a designated area of 260,000. The technical equipment is among the most modern and efficient in France and the Cooperative of Nyonsais is the only French mill to have IFS accreditation (International Food Standard). The capacity for receiving and processing olives is large (up to 70 tons per day).The combination of the climate conditions, the soil (the land), the olive variety all result in a singular olive. To these characteristics is added the savoir-faire acquired over generations of olive growers in the cultivation and preparation of the olives.

Les produits Vignolis coopérative du Nyonsais