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 Elsewhere » is the key word to sum up the main activity of our company, specialized in import and distribution. Our objective and also our leading motivation is to nose continually on international markets, in order to detect new products that will become the inescapable items for tomorrow in French home. The United States, Great-Britain, Spain, Italy, North Africa, Asia…Triomphe could cover thousands of kilometres to find products that will be able to emerge in sales outlets and to seduce French consumers. But to hunt down food trends is a real “savoir-faire”: an expertise acquired for more than 35 years. 35 years during which we tried to abolish greedy frontiers and to innovate, with a purpose: be different by any way. We reject the dictates fixed by French consumption habits and we prefer to open us to the world by the “made in elsewhere”. Hoping convince you this “elsewhere” will become promptly your “here”, indeed even your “essential”.

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