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Jaak De Koninck, artist and painter since 1972, created in 1983 its own imaginary airline company "Starbrook Airlines". A fantasy world where air hostesses, pilots and DC3's in warm aquarelles are coming alive. His first exposition in 1983 in the Brussels theatre was the reason for a whole lot of television and radio shows. The nostalgic atmosphere that his artwork evokes brings the imagination alive worldwide ...Patrick Gilis, owner of the Starbrook Chocolate Company, was totally seduced by a first draft in 1998 that was made on his request. The Lady, milk Hazelnut, will be the very first tablet wrapper and the start of a very successful cooperation between the artist and the businessman. Jaak, Patrick and his kids have a great team that is standing behind Starbrook for more than 100%. They are taking care of the quality of the products very carefully and keep an eye on the constant innovation of the packaging and assortment. In the mean while they widened the portfolio of the Starbrook Chocolate Company with other stunning brands as Classic Wheels , Fleet and Beyond Time.

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