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Since our humble beginnings, we've travelled the world in search of the best products. Curiosity, intuition and enthusiasm go into every decision to bring you exciting and delicious finds. Our mission: to surprise you with exceptional creations, sometimes organic, made with respect for tradition and selected for their outstanding flavours.

We are guided by three essential principles when following our mission: the search for authenticity, discovering innovative brands and keeping a clean ingredient list.


We developed a love for gourmet products over thirty years ago when we first began our professional careers in the food industry. Our passion grew and lead us to take over at Acema in 2008. Two long-time friends with a common goal and interest; to awaken the foodie in each of us. Known for being dynamic and innovative, we continue to this day our quest for exceptional products.

This is how our adventure continues with a constantly renewed pleasure for specialty products and foodie finds!


The search for innovative gourmet products, original creations and organic assortments remain the most important values in guiding our decisions. We take to heart the ability to offer you local and imported products, always delicious and in line with our values.

Get Inspired

Get Inspired

Find your hapiness in our recipes assortment.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or cocktails...

We keep finding new ideas to share with you !

A team at The Ready

Quality is more than just a level of service at Acema, it's a professional philosophy. From the moment the order is taken to the time of delivery, each team member takes it upon themselves to satisfy the demands of our clients. Each of our salespeople covers a well-determined territory allowing them better knowledge and understanding of their clients and their surroundings.

Our ambition is to stand apart in our industry and offer irreproachable service to those looking for specialty gourmet products.