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Grandma Emily... A full range of deliciously local granolas, cereal bars & snacks!

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12 creative ways to cook with Jérôme Ferrer Lobster Oil

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Epicurean delights from near & far

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An Amazing Olive Oil Selection

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Discover MTL Gringo Chips tortillas & Salsas!

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Official distributor of LU Brand Cookies

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Find the perfect napkins for each occasion!

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Importer and Distributor of Gourmet Products

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Welcome to Harrington's sparkling world!

Sparkling Tonic Botanic cocktails: alcohol-free
Sparkling Botanic Waters: a burst of authentic northern flavours
True treasures to enjoy; sugar-free, sweetener-free and highly refreshing!

A healthier alternative to soft drinks & alcoholic cocktails.

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Flavours from Portugal in the Spotlight

Spice-it up with Pica Pica!

Add heat to your recipes, without overpowering the flavours of your dishes. A rich, flavourful touch in your plate!

- Chef Frank Da Rocha, Montreal

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A long awaited return... The pepper & daisy jelly!

This jelly is a perfect example of a symbiosis between a vegetable, the bell pepper, and a flower, the daisy. The daisy gives a refined and surprising nuance to this versatile confit.
Discover or enjoy again this unique confit!

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4 Classic Italian Pasta Sauces by Chef Pasquale

Add a touch of elegance & gastronomy to your favourite pasta!
Elegant simplicity, fresh premium ingredients and flawless execution.
A craft that requires know-how, technique, experience and attention to detail.
Chef Pasquale sauces bring the rich tradition of Italian cuisine into your home.

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More Than 100 Carefully Selected Brands

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All our suppliers, both local and from abroad, each have a story to tell. Between passion and know-how, artisan or larger scale, quality is a top priority for each of them. The art of good eating gives us the ability to travel the world without leaving the comfort of our home. Take a moment to discover a new brand and plan your next trip!

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