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Official distributor of LU Brand Cookies

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Favourites Cocktails with Pretty Cocktail Napkins!

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Importer and Distributor of Gourmet Products

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Naturally delicious fruits snacks

St-Mamet offers a delicious selection of all-natural transformed fruit with varieties containing no added sugars. Available in convenient snack sizes, a surprising and healthy treat to start the school year!

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Share the nuts, share the love!

We cut and toast. We scape we roast.
We mix we blend. There is no end.
We add we gain. This is a game.
We want to share, so you can spread.
We are the Nutlers!

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2 NEW ULTRA-ENERGY Naäk Waffles!

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Perfect for your next training session or for long hikes!

ULTRA-ENERGY that will get you up the mountain!

School, work & training....Suitable for everyday challenges!

Stay the course!

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6 Delicious Fig Salamis!

Made from PDO Kimi figs from Greece,
Vegan, all natural with NO added salt & preservative FREE
A smart & healthy choice!
Great treat for every salami fan
(even if you're not vegan)!

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All our suppliers, both local and from abroad, each have a story to tell. Between passion and know-how, artisan or larger scale, quality is a top priority for each of them. The art of good eating gives us the ability to travel the world without leaving the comfort of our home. Take a moment to discover a new brand and plan your next trip!

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