Product Sheet Tea Squared

Enjoy a maximum of flavours...
Brew your loose leaf tea in plant-based pyramidal pouch!

Discover young tea shoots in pyramid-shaped bags. Delicate aromas and a good source of antioxidants, they infuse perfectly thanks to the characteristic shape of the bag, which allows the young leaves of teas and herbal teas to unfold all their flavours. Brew in your favorite cup or in a teapot to prolong or share the moment!
Proudly locally made, a new way to enjoy your favourite teas!

Product Sheet - Assortment of loose leafs teas

Assortment of 11 flavours of Loose Leafs & Herbal Teas & manila hemp teas pouches

Leaves and blends of teas & tisanes carefully selected and adapted to every hour of the day! Oncle Grey or Pure énergie or an Oolong tea, to energize, a Kombucha to detoxify the body...Relaxing, organic herbal teas with Lavender Rooibos or Bonne nuit herbal tea; with chamomile, lemongrass & hibiscus... will help you relax and fall asleep.

Product Sheet Tea Squared Matcha; Ceremonial Matcha kit & Matcha Latte mix

Make a difference... one coffee at a time! 

Discover matcha tea: a powerful antioxidant that's gaining popularity in the marketplace. Practical and versatile, Tea Squared offers a ceremonial matcha with a bamboo whisk for traditional preparation, as well as easy-to-use Matcha Latté blends: Simply add your favorite milk, dairy or non-dairy, and stir!