Fruits Saint-Mamet

Fruits Saint-Mamet


The French fruit brand for almost 70 years

Born from the passion of a handful of arboriculturists, we are anchored in the South East of France, close to the orchards.

Expert of the fruit in all its forms

Taste the best of the fruits, picked at maturity, by hand and in season. Enjoy our fruits as they are or according to your culinary inspiration: in fruit salads with original mixtures, in individual cups to be tasted at home or to be taken everywhere.

Greedy fruits

A St Mamet fruit, it is the promise of a moment of pleasure in tasting: the softness of a fruit without skin allied to the unequalled savour of a fruit picked in maturity.

An ethical and responsible brand

We respect the rhythm of the fruit and the environment in which it grows, and we strive to reduce our impact on the planet and to accompany you in this process every day. We are faithfully attached to the well-being of the men and women of St Mamet.