Our tonic cocktails and sparkling waters are plant-based. True treasures to enjoy; sugar free, sweetener-free and highly refreshing!

We offer an authentic northern gustatory journey of forest, fruit and floral flavours.

Harrington beverages sublimate Quebec's precious botanical resources, at the same time as contributing to a healthier diet by offering an alternative to sweetened beverages.

This mission has become a reality at the Harrington estate, where we draw our inspiration to create for you the harmony of flavours inspired by its incredibly diverse northern bounty. 

Our corner of paradise, nestled in the heart of Harrington's Red River valley, is a veritable open-air laboratory. Where the word FLAVOUR takes on its full meaning.

0 sugar/0 calories - Sparkling water range 

0 added sugar/10 calories per can - Cocktails range

Welcome to our sparkling world!

The Rivest-Rocheleau family