Le Preziose

Le Preziose


From the Mediterranean,  an all-Italian excellence

In the heart of Calabria, a stone's throw from the sea and at the foot of the great Sila plateau, since 1993, we have been producing a unique and precious candy, whose essence represents all the quality of "made in Italy".


A concentrate of taste, the result of a long production process in which, as in an embrace, the meticulous choice of raw materials - non-GMO and strictly controlled origin - and careful attention in the selection of partners and suppliers are intertwined.

A gift, forged by the passion of over twenty people who, every day, contribute, with their work, to sweetening people's lives, resulting in an annual production of over 2,000 tons of sweets and supported by a supply chain that respects – for others and for the environment – its mission.

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