PAW Decor Collection

PAW Decor Collection


PAW is a Polish company that is among the world’s leading companies specializing in the production of disposable napkins made from biodegradable white tissue, We Care tissue paper made from renewable materials, and Airlaid with a textile-like feel and high strength. 

Our napkins are made of tissue paper (100% cellulose) which is bleached without the use of chlorine, We Care tissue paper made from renewable materials and Airlaid, a high-strength material with a textile-like feel.

We print with ecological, water-based inks with high resistance to abrasion, which is confirmed by certificates. 

We believe that time spent together during family celebrations, gatherings with friends and sharing everyday activities represents life’s most precious moments. This is when we witness affection, smiles, tenderness. It is with these moments in mind that we create our products, intended not only to emphasize the setting and decor, but also to accompany the most important occasions in your life.