Sel & Caramel

Sel & Caramel


The passion of an artisan confectioner!

Pierre Pichette is recognized as a confectioner craftsman with a passion for caramel. I created this company to share my passion for caramel – a taste that all palates love.

For my team and I, treating ourselves to caramel is more than just a passion; it’s giving ourselves a moment of pure happiness, it’s stealing a little piece of paradise, it’s feeling wrapped up and comforted. Sel et Caramel is known as a gourmet pleasure that warms the heart. We use sugar, butter and cream: the noble and refined ingredients used by our ancestors


Sel et Caramel, also means knowing how to give back to one another

​In 2015, we moved our company to the Maison Félix-Leclerc to give it a concrete philanthropic component. In 2019, we moved into a more spacious premises and became a partner of the Arc-en-Ciel organization, whose mission is to promote the recovery and social integration of people living with mental health problems and thus enable them to have access to a better quality of life.

Since then, we have had to relocate because of our growing business volume. However, the profits from certain specific sales of Sel et Caramel products are given back as a donation to the Arc-en-Ciel house.