The absolute market leader in genuine Belgian Spice Cake

Spice Cake is a plant-based energy cake to enjoy at every moment of the day. For over 150 years, Vondelmolen, a 5th generation Belgian family company, offers its customers a delicious Spice Cake range, made according to traditional family recipes and with natural ingredients. Vondelmolen is now the largest producer and market leader of spice cake in Belgium and # 1 player in Europe in organic Spice Cake.

Plant-based natural energy

All our spice cake are vegetarian. We only use rye flour for our Spice Cake. In addition, the Spice Cake is low in fat and is made without preservatives and colorants: still 12 months of shelf life is possible. A slice of Spice Cake is not only a source of fibre, it also combines fast and slow sugars which makes it a good source of direct and long-term energy. 

Moments to enjoy

Vondelmolen has a kind of Spice Cake for anyone at anytime:

  • breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • snacking (during the day)
  • sports