Abel 1898

Abel 1898


Founded in 1898 by Abel Paillard, the "Huilerie de Lapalisse" is still a family-run business, and has preserved the traditional know-how that has made its oils so excellent for over 125 years.

Now identified under a new brand, "Abel 1898", a brand that respects authenticity and tradition, by the spirit of the founder, Abel Paillard.

Designed with respect for tradition, ABEL 1898 oils meet consumer expectations by preserving all the nutritional values of the fruit and the aromas of artisanal oils. It's an opportunity to discover a palette of flavours where nature is the sign of elegance. Full-bodied, delicate or spicy, our walnut, hazelnut, sesame, avocado and aromatized oil for the pizza will awaken your taste buds.

Product Sheet - Abel 1898