Jérôme Ferrer

Jérôme Ferrer


What makes this product exceptional is the combination of 100% natural ingredients, including lobster, canola oil and maple syrup.

We’ve developed a gourmet oil that not only has an exquisite taste, but also offers several health benefits that promote cardio-vascular health and well-being, including, omega-3 sourced from lobster and anti-inflammatory canola oil.

We are very proud to bring to you an organic and eco-friendly gourmet oil. Using circular economy methods of production, we have developed a
zero-waste food supply-chain using 100% recycled materials.
Nature, the environment and our planet are near and dear to our hearts.

The particularity of this oil is that it can be used in the same way as olive oil, cold for all possible and imaginable seasonings, but also hot for all cooking. In short, this oil will add a wonderful grilled lobster flavour to any and every dish.

The essence of Canada in a bottle.

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