Reine de Dijon

Reine de Dijon


Mustard seeds originated as a spice. They come from a plant with pretty yellow flowers.

You should know that there are several varieties of mustard seed, each having a different taste


At Reine de Dijon, we only use brown mustard seeds, combined with the classic ingredients for making mustard;

vinegar, water and salt to ensure a quality mustard that will delight your taste buds and accompany your dishes.


Traditionally, mustard production in France is concentrated in the wine-growing regions,

so mustard-makers can be found in the Burgundy and Bordeaux region, where you can easily find one of the most precious ingredients: vinegar.

Montecarlo Style Potatoes with Rosemary & Garlic Mustard

Panini with wholegrain mustard, brie cheese, onions & bacon by Reine de Dijon

Fiche produit Reine de Dijon