3 cocktails & mocktails festifs KWE!

June 22 2021 1. RECIPES

Mocktail «Shirley Temple» KWE


You’ll be surprised by this mocktail—as much by its simplicity as by its tastiness!

Want to add alcohol? No problem: add a splash of your favourite dark rum and you’re all set!


Single serving

• Cranberry & Fir Syrup (1/3 oz)
• Ginger ale
• Lemon juice
• Ice
• Slices of ginger

For sharing (1-L carafe)

• Ginger ale (about 1/2 L)

• Lemon juice

• Ice

• Ginger slices

• Cranberry & Fir Syrup to add to your glass (1/3 oz)


Place the ice, ginger ale and lemon juice in your glass, then add Cranberry & Fir Syrup. Garnish with a slice of ginger.
For a larger serving, place the ginger ale, lemon juice, ice and several slices of ginger in your carafe. Pour out individual servings and add 1/3 oz syrup per glass.

"Christmas Year-Round" Gin / Triple Sec Cocktail

Because cranberries are just as good in July as they are in December! In our version of Christmas punch, you’ll discover how wonderfully the bitterness and the resin notes of our Hopped Boreal Tonic complement the cranberry’s astringency. What’s more, this little red fruit grows in Quebec—another good reason to drink local!


• Hopped Boreal Tonic (1/2 oz)

• Gin (1/2 oz)

• Triple sec  (1/2 oz)

• Cranberry juice  (2 oz)

• Sparkling wine

• Cranberries

• Ice


Step 1: Pour all ingredients into the vessel and mix with a spoon.

Step 2: Garnish with cranberries.

"Festive Martini" Cocktail with

Though it has all the qualities of your preferred Christmas holiday companion, there’s nothing stopping you from making this into a year-round favourite!


• Cranberry & Fir Syrup (1 oz)
• Vermouth de pommes from Domaine Lafrance (2 oz)
• Gin Rouge from Distillerie Stadacone (2 oz)
• Lemon zest
• Cranberries


Step 1: Place the ice in your martini glass to chill it. Step 2: In the meantime, pour the alcohols into a mixing glass, fill with ice and stir well.

Step 3: Empty the ice from your martini glass, then pour in the chilled alcohols using a strainer so no ice falls in.

Step 4 : Add the Cranberry & Fir Syrup, then garnish with lemon zest, cranberries, etc.

June 22 2021
Kwe Cocktails

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