À l'Olivier

À l'Olivier


A L'Olivier is a family story that spans several generations. Its founders, Amand Darbonne and Eugène Popelin, share a love of nature and an infinite curiosity for the extraordinary aromatic richness of plants.

In 1822, in the Marais district, Eugène Popelin, a pharmacist, had one idea in mind when he founded A L'Olivier: to introduce Parisians to the benefits of olive oil, still little known at the time.

In 1887, Amand Darbonne settled in Milly-la-Forêt, a region renowned for its cultivation of medicinal plants since the 12th century. A farmer at heart, but also a pioneer and visionary, he laid the foundations for an exemplary human, agricultural and industrial adventure. The Darégal group was born. From then on, his passion for aromatic plants was passed down from generation to generation.

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