Délices du Luberon

Délices du Luberon


Mama Msica, a traditional cook and a woman of action, decided with her children to launch her own range of Provençal products and to treat the customers of the markets of Provence to them.

A thing said, a thing done! The kitchen mixer will do the trick; the tapenade is made the day before, the refrigerator will be the cold room, the icebox the guarantee of freshness. The olives have to be pitted by hand, and a dose of good humour will do the trick.

Success was not long in coming. The team was joined by a chef from the Avignon hotel school. The workshop was created and the product of the previous day’s production was on the table of consumers the next day.

The workshop will then become a small canning factory. The pretty verrines will be next to the fresh produce presentation tians. Méditéa: Les délices du Luberon, has no preservatives, no added flavourings and a complete range of more than 100 products: tapenades, condiment-based preparations, appetizers, mustards, etc., all in keeping with tradition.